Privacy & Policy


Account management 
For accessing our services, you’re required to create an account here. Personal information such as name, phone number, and home/office address is required to complete the account creation. We never ban any account without a solid reason.
It’s up to the users to manage their personal identification, password, and other account details. If someone tries to hack/change our customer’s account details, we can take mandatory steps to prevent misuse of the account. Users can inform us at any time if their account is being used (hacked or related) in an unauthorized (illegal) manner. We are not liable or responsible for any hacking attempt or stealing of data as a result of any hacking attempt. However, we ensure that our experts are working 24/7 to make your experience seamless and safe. Also, in case of any suspicious activity, we may ban it temporarily or permanently.

Submitted data
Reviews, questions, suggestions, comments, or any other information that a user uploads to our website or provides to us is our property is safe however we are not responsible for the comments of any client. When users share reviews or comments about a product, they allow us to use their names along with the data they submit. If a fake or unverified email is used by an account, we reserve the right to remove or modify its submitted data without any notice. We also hold the right to edit any comment or action taken on the site to ensure a safe and reliable customer experience.

Trademarks and Copyright
All registered as well as unregistered intellectual property rights, web design, content, images, video, sound, music, and software belong to our property. Our service names, logos, graphics, scripts, page headers, and button icons are trademarks and should not be used to promote products or services that don’t belong to this company. The entire content of the site is also protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.

We aren’t responsible for any personal or business losses like loss of data, contracts, revenue, profits, goodwill, or any other consequential loss. If you think your account is not secure, you should reset the account password and add a recovery email in your account details.  Also, if you think your account may be hacked, don’t deposit large sums in your account.

Refund & return policy
The products provided by store are always of high quality. Product quality, safety, and delivery are up to us. If a product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return that and get another one. On the demand, we can also refund you the whole amount.